Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Ride the Waves

It's been awhile...

I've never been good at blog posts. Half the time I'm not really sure what to write about and the other half I am just not consistent about it. I feel like I should try and write down my feelings more or keep a journal about my life. Not necessarily for anyone to read but more for myself.

The start of this school year has been a busy one. The start of August entailed me getting married, going on our honeymoon and the day after we came back, school started. My husband is a teacher and is in full swing of things. He leaves early in the morning and most of the time, I don't see him until after supper. He is trying to make sure everything is going just right and I'm supporting him the best I can. I hope he has a good first year and things will get easier for him. I'm in my last year of school and just trying to stay focused. That's hard to do when you are burnt out. I feel like I've been burnt out of school for awhile. The problem is though, I'm burnt out about work too. I feel like I should be excited about getting a job but right now I'm not. I wish we could just be done with school and then that is that. Maybe I'll change my mind next semester. We start our last round of clinical rotations then and I'm sure that will get my mind ready for the "job world".

The truth is, I'm not very good at transitions. I never have been. It's always been hard going from one thing to another. Moving on or up in the world to something scarier but maybe even better than before. That first step is always the hardest. After the initial first step, I usually can role with the punches. The idea of change is always unsettling to people and I've never really understood why. We can't escape it and just have to accept it. That's part of life and we have to learn to ride the waves when they come.

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